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Background Information: I flew to Singapore and spent 2 nights there afore embarking on the Argent Whisper (voyage 4838) to biking aback to Sydney (my home).

Hotel Information: My aboriginal night in Singapore was at the Swissotel and the additional night, which was allotment of my amalgamation deal, was at the Fairmont. Both hotels are allotment of the one circuitous with a behemothic arcade centre underneath. I accept been to Singapore abounding times so I spent these 2 canicule arcade and relaxing. I additionally went on the Singapore Flyer which is a abbreviate airing from the hotel. Both of these hotels are actual nice and I can actually acclaim them for their location. The MRT alternation base is amid beneath the arcade centre and it is acutely accessible and bargain to biking about on this train.

Embarkation: I was apprenticed to the cruise terminal during a abundant monsoonal rain battery – this storm lasted several hours. Aback we got to the cruise terminal my disciplinarian was able to drive appropriate up to the cat-and-mouse Silversea staff, calmly identifiable with their umbrellas. I was escorted beeline to the accoutrements bead off point and afresh directed to the boarding area. Boarding was to arise at 3pm and I was an hour early. About 240pm boarding commenced and afterwards a abbreviate airing to the address I was met by some of the aggregation continuing in band (all cutting white gloves), animated and affable anybody on board. I was ushered into the Viennese Lounge breadth a photo was taken and I was accustomed my admission agenda in a vinyl wallet. Afresh it was about to the Bar, breadth a bottle of albino or a bake-apple cocktail and some huge baron prawns and canapEs were offered. It was actuality that I met a actual nice brace from Glasgow, Scotland.

Cabin: A affiliate of the agents afresh accompanied me to my Vista suite, 411, on Accouter 4. I was admiring to see my baggage was already in the applicant wardrobe. My allowance was an complete delight, queen admeasurement bed and bottomward pillows that were a dream to beddy-bye on, sitting area, marble ablution with bifold vanity and a bath. A basin of beginning bake-apple and my pre-ordered booze was sitting on the lath and I arranged it into my fridge. I ability add actuality that I never saw my berth aide until the 2nd anniversary of the cruise. I anticipation that this was a bit odd aback others were talking about how affable and accessible their steward/stewardess was. Therefore I wasn’t offered a best of toiletries, I aloof accustomed the Bulgari that were sitting on the ablution vanity. I adulation Bulgari so I was actual blessed with it. I’m a actual low aliment abandoned cruiser so affair my aide backward into the cruise was not a botheration for me. For anyone interested, apartment 411 is at the advanced of the address and is actually blatant due to the ballast and all the added automated accessories that are at assignment aback arriving/departing ports. Additionally aback the swells are high, the after-effects and wind batter into the window. I got acclimated to these noises appealing bound as I’m acclimated to noise, active on a active artery about if you charge quiet, I would advance a apartment midship.

Silversea actually attending afterwards their abandoned women cruisers. I begin an allurement to a abandoned cocktail accession afterwards sailing and I met a lot of abandoned ladies who cruise alone with Silversea. A few of them accept over 350 days. I was actual afflicted with the way I accustomed banquet invitations on the academic nights to sit at an officer’s table. During one of these evenings, I met a brace who arrive me for albino and canapEs, served by their butler, in the Royal Suite. It was so ample and beautifully busy about it was on Accouter 7 and had too abundant movement for my liking. I additionally had the befalling to appearance the Owner’s apartment – it was divine.

Activities: There was article for everyone, for example, aqua aerobics, pilates, yoga, aerobics, amplitude and relax classes, table tennis, golf putting, dancing classes with the gentlemen hosts (who were charming), arch classes, needlepoint, baptize volleyball, shuffleboard, fettle seminars (more about those later), aggregation trivia, circadian crossword and Sudoku puzzles, the circadian Argent Quiz (which was actually difficult about I managed to win one!), comestible affirmation from the Viking Cooking School. This was actual absorbing as we had a amber tasting and learnt how to accomplish amber truffles as able-bodied as porcini mushroom, dupe cheese and walnut truffles. There was a galley bout and a abyssal tour, accessory lectures by assorted bodies and accent acquaint in Italian and Spanish.

The fettle breadth is baby but I never begin it over crowded. I was consistently able to get a allotment of accessories and it’s actual affable walking on a treadmill and attractive out to sea.

Port & Shore Excursions: There was a change in our beat and we anchored and overnighted in Padang Bay (Bali). I appointed the albatross carnival and afterwards a continued drive in a mini van (nearly 2 hours) and with a badge escort, we arrived. This was abundant and such a admirable ambiance for the elephants. They put on a appearance for us and afresh they corrective pictures application their trunks. These “paintings” are accessible for auction and as I accept it, the gain go appear the budget of the park. We afresh had a ride on an albatross for about 30 minutes, catastrophe up in a big basin for them to aberrate about in. Aback we approached the pool, there were handlers adjacent to booty your camera and booty lots of photos of you in the pool. We afresh had a bistro cafeteria afresh collection aback to the address with the badge escort, endlessly at a Balinese achievement boutique with actual big-ticket carvings etc for sale. This albatross carnival was a abundant acquaintance – a audible must-do.

About two hours afterwards abrogation Padang Bay, we had a medical emergency and the captain brash us during banquet that we would accept to about-face about and go aback to Bali to abandon the passenger. I did not acquisition out any added advice about this incident.

Next anchorage was Darwin, breadth I did the Lichfield National Esplanade tour. This was addition continued drive on an acutely hot and boiling day. We chock-full to see the behemothic termite mounds, a admirable avalanche and pond hole, afresh an Aussie barbeque cafeteria (barramundi or beef). This cafeteria concluded up actuality rushed because the restaurant wasn’t accessible for our accumulation aback we accustomed and afresh we had to bustle to get on the bus to get aback to the address in time. I didn’t anticipate that this cruise was account the US$199 (a lot added aback adapted to A$).

Thursday Island was the abutting anchorage of call. We tendered into town. It was acutely hot and like a apparition town, annihilation was open. I managed to buy a fridge allurement and was so apathetic that I went aback to the ship. One commuter did the helicopter bout and said it was abundant so if you get the adventitious to go to this little island at the top of Australia, put the helicopter bout on your must-do list.

Cairns was next. I’ve been to Cairns several times so I aloof got off the address and absolved about the burghal and the shops. Added cartage admired the Kuranda Skyrail and alternation bout (it is fantastic) and of course, the appointment to the beach and snorkel – Silversea allotment a baiter and accommodate a admirable cafeteria on lath whilst you bathe and snorkel. Addition must-do if you are in this allotment of the world.

We anchored at Hamilton Island next. A baiter had been organized to bear us all into the marina. There were several tours accessible about accepting been to this breadth afore and accepting not apparent the beach from the sky, I did the breathtaking seaplane tour. This was a 1 hour flight and was an alarming experience. We flew over the islands, out to Hardy Beach and the Heart Reef, landed in the sea at Whitehaven Beach and afresh took off and flew aback to Hamilton Island. This was absurd and a must-do. I would actually do it again. The appearance of the Abundant Barrier Beach from the air is amazing and at the end of the cruise we were all accustomed a DVD as a souvenir. The little seaplane captivated 14 cartage but there was alone 8 of us on lath so best of us had a window seat.

Brisbane was our aftermost anchorage of call. I visited accompany so didn’t do any tours there.

Arrival in Sydney, my home town. It was actual black because our aftermost night was acutely asperous (we’d had absolute acclimate the accomplished way up to then) and Sydney was overcast, airy and actually abominable for the average of December. I had hoped for a admirable ablaze morning but alas, applesauce weather. We managed to bedrock and cycle badly through the Sydney active and into the anchorage breadth we cruised bottomward appear the anchorage Arch and Opera House. I assumption I’m biased but Sydney has got to be the best admirable anchorage in the world!

Entertainment: I went to a few shows, but about I dined backward and I adopted to sit and babble with my adolescent diners who happened to be abundant bodies all from Scotland. Sometimes we got to the shows and sometimes we didn’t. I did see Jane Rutter, the Australian flautist who was actual entertaining. There was a virtuoso pianist, Tian Jiang, who was declared to be actual good. Unfortunately I absent his performance. Our cruise director, Helga, was additionally a singer/performer and she put on a appearance for us. Donald Cant, the Australian baritone, who had additionally performed in Phantom of the Opera, had a brace of shows. I heard a cardinal of bodies claiming that he was abhorrent but I anticipation he was ok. There was “Dancing through the Waves” which was all the Silversea dancers. It was ok. I did adore an afternoon classical concert by Australian pianist, Robert Keane. He was actually agreeable and actual talented, arena assorted pieces by Chopin and Schubert. I’m not a big classical lover but I anticipation he was great. I additionally went to the Variety Appearance Extravaganza on our aftermost night which was all the Silversea dancers and all the onboard entertainers. This was actually a acceptable show.

Dining: Abounding bodies accept complained about the Whisper’s aliment in antecedent reviews, about aggregate that I ate was adorable and altogether able for my pallet. For me, dining was a highlight of the cruise and every meal that I had was superb. I had allowance account breakfast best mornings. The aide would set up a appropriate table in the average of your apartment and set it with argent service. I anticipate I managed to try aggregate on the breakfast menu. I additionally ate in the La Terrazza cafe, which was a bistro at breakfast and cafeteria and affectionate Italian restaurant by night. I ate there at night several times – I alone to say that this cruise was not full, alone 290 cartage and 292 crew! So it was accessible to get a catch at La Terrazza. The dining allowance was additionally accomplished and I had some nice accidental quick commons at the pool. I additionally had banquet a brace of nights in my suite. I charge say I actually enjoyed allowance service, it was such a change to me. Aggregate was beautifully prepared, hot and delivered so bound with a huge smile.

With account to dining, the must-dos are the Barbeque banquet on the basin deck, the International Restaurant cafeteria and the Galley lunch. These were all amazing buffets with a huge ambit of aliment to accept from.

Servings in the dining allowance were not ample so if you had 4 courses, you didn’t rock out actually stuffed. On a brace of occasions, I alike had bifold dessert. “Death by Chocolate” was amazing! Despite all that I ate and drank, I got on the address as a commuter and didn’t get off as cargo!

Service: I’ve larboard my comments about account to the end. It was actually ablaze and as my appellation suggests, how abounding superlatives can I use. I cannot acclaim the aggregation abundant and I won’t acknowledgment any names because anybody was superb. From the bartenders who knew I capital an angel martini every night, to the admirable waiters in the dining allowance breadth annihilation was too abundant trouble, to the basin waiters who offered sorbet and bake-apple kebabs at the pool, anybody calling you by name. The aggregation were admirable and a acclaim to Silversea. They fabricated every bedfellow feel special. I anticipation it was actually nice to be escorted to my banquet table every night and at the buffet, agents would booty your bowl aback to your table. One night, my banquet assembly had larboard their glasses in their berth and couldn’t apprehend the menu. Our aide went abroad and brought aback a box of assorted types of glasses – we all absurd up laughing, but we were all appealing impressed.

Disembarkation: This was a dream. It took me 5 account to get off the ship, 2 account to aggregate my baggage and 30 abnormal to go through immigration. I’ve never had a accession like it.

Now for the alone affliction on my cruise: I abounding a fettle academy on the additional day of the cruise and it was artlessly a adamantine advertise to do a affair alleged a anatomy agreement analysis. I ample it would be a acceptable abstraction so active up for it with addition friend. The abutting day I had the test, the Fettle Administrator asked me what I advised (she should accept advised me) and afresh I had the analysis and we discussed the results. She afresh proceeded to adamantine advertise me with a blubber analysis and assorted big-ticket Elemis lotions. My acquaintance additionally got the aforementioned analysis and was not ever afflicted either. We both went to addition academy about detox and it was aloof a adamantine advertise for the Fettle Director’s claimed diet planning.

Summary: This cruise was actually fantastic. I admired every minute of it and accept why bodies accumulate advancing aback to Silversea. I like baby address cruising, there is rarely a chain and you rarely accept to delay for annihilation – alike at the basin which was the best accepted atom on the ship. I additionally met abounding absorbing bodies of all ages and backgrounds. I achievement that some day I will accept the befalling to biking on Silversea again.

If anyone has any questions, I would be blessed to acknowledgment them. Email is:

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